“The whole process was great. Everyone was helpful and it was a great experience. The decision to use ACBB has been a homerun for us.”

Mike Horodyski
President & CEO
Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan

Bulletin Board

The Compliance Anchor team has been expanded. Berni Kibe has moved from our Loan Department to serve as Director of Operations for Compliance Anchor, and Gary Iorfido has joined the team to provide compliance services. Gary brings over 30 years of experience in corporate and financial services compliance and law, including federal and state laws and regulations, through his time at a nationwide bank consulting firm and as a Senior Attorney in the FDIC’s Division of Resolutions and Receiverships. Nancy Lake’s area of expertise is BSA. Nancy served as BSA Officer for multiple banks for nearly a decade. She received CAMS certification in 2008 and received her CAMS-Audit certification in 2013.

Compliance Anchor will be offering a Regulator Roundtable in January 2015 - Date To Be Announced. This event will be free of charge.

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ACBB's Charitable Activities:                                                                                                               ~ To promote healthy choices and benefit our community, ACBB provides fresh fruit for our staff to purchase, with proceeds donated monthly to a local charity. Staff also contributes to the monthly cause by donating funds for casual dress days.                                                                                       ~ November is our food drive to benefit a local food bank.                                                                   ~ Each holiday season for many years, ACBB staff donates new toys, clothing and gift cards to help bring holiday joy to local families in need.

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