Count on Competitive Returns.

See below for current rates on ACBB’s deposit and investment options.
Rates effective as of: 05/20/2024

Depository Options

Money Market Deposit Account

Ideal for longer-term investment of your institution’s excess funds.

Eligibility limited to new deposits to ACBB

Current Rate:


Demand Deposit Account

Offset your service charges with an earnings credit rate (ECR) on your ACBB Demand Deposit Account balances (less required static balances).

Current Rates:

Shareholders: 2.765%

Non-shareholders: 2.338%

Overnight Borrowing Options


Fed Funds Borrowing

Shareholder: 6.500%

Non-Shareholder: 7.000%

Deposit accounts at ACBB are covered by FDIC deposit insurance up to applicable FDIC limits.

Overnight Investment Options

Agent Fed Funds

Diversify your short-term investments among several high-quality banks.

Current Rate:


Principal Fed Funds

Principal Fed Funds remain invested at ACBB.

Current Rate:


Excess Balance Accounts (EBAs)

Our respondent banks can use ACBB as an agent bank for their Federal Reserve excess balances.

Current Rate:


Overnight investments are not FDIC insured.

Overnight Borrowing Options

Fed Funds Borrowing


Current Rates

Shareholder: 6.500%

Non-Shareholder: 7.000%

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