Community Banking Goes Global

ACBB Connecting Community Financial Institutions to the World of International Wires

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania – ACBB has unveiled an international wire solution that uses the collective bargaining power of community financial institutions to satisfy the needs of their customers. Until now, the largest banks held an advantage when providing international transfers for individuals and corporations. The large banks controlled the information, technology, network, volume, and pricing structure which prevented community financial institutions from efficiently serving customer needs at a reasonable cost.

Introducing Joe Krzywicki

Jon Evans, President & CEO recently announced that Joe Krzywicki has joined the ACBB team in the position of Chief Sales Officer to lead our Relationship Management and Marketing initiatives. Joe is committed to providing extraordinary value to our clients, contributing to our culture and supporting our organization’s client centric model. He brings with him over 25 years of experience working with financial strategies, solutions and services.

Lending Profile

ACBB provides direct financing to banks, bank holding companies and their directors, senior officers and major shareholders.  We also purchase loan participations in commercial loans originated by community banks and sells sub-participations in both those loan participations and the loans we originate.