Wire Transfer Red Flags

By Joanne McDaid, CFCS – AVP, Operations Officer
Cybercriminals are getting more aggressive in targeting money through wire transfer
requests. The number of attempts is on the rise and scammers are getting bolder and
more sophisticated in their efforts to trick consumers into wiring funds. Criminals like to
use wire transfers because the money moves fast and is difficult to get back.  While you
can’t always stop your customers from being victims of wire transfer scams, you can help
minimize wire transfer risk to your institution by having the right controls in place.*

CEO Corner

Embracing a Culture of Risk Vigilance

As we approach the start of football season, a sports idiom seems fitting. As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. Simple management of risk just isn’t good enough anymore. Transactions are faster, criminals are smarter and the stakes are higher. As ACBB continues its commitment to support and serve community banking, we made a strategic decision to not simply comply, but to embrace a proactive, enterprise-wide approach to risk. We believe this presents an opportunity for ACBB to get ahead of issues that will impact our clients’ ability to do business and create a competitive advantage. Our strategy stems from a combination of regulatory feedback, insights from clients and the recognition that there is no such thing as business-as-usual anymore.

Introducing Joe Krzywicki

Jon Evans, President & CEO recently announced that Joe Krzywicki has joined the ACBB team in the position of Chief Sales Officer to lead our Relationship Management and Marketing initiatives. Joe is committed to providing extraordinary value to our clients, contributing to our culture and supporting our organization’s client centric model. He brings with him over 25 years of experience working with financial strategies, solutions and services.