ACBB’s Marketing Initiatives

By Emilie Longenecker
Marketing/Product Development Specialist

ACBB has implemented a number of rebranding and marketing projects. These projects were fueled by staying on top of the current marketing trends and becoming more accessible to our community banks.

We redesigned our website, joined the world of LinkedIn, and are transitioning from paper newsletters to electronic newsletters for 2017. When deciding to redesign our website, our top priorities were to have a fresh new look, mobile friendly capabilities, a great user experience through an easier navigation system, and the latest security features.

As website users have been increasingly utilizing their mobile devices, it was essential for us to have a mobile friendly website. This ensures that everyone can view our site properly and effectively, no matter what device they may be on. If you have looked on our website from a mobile device and noticed a small red box, that is the mobile friendly version. Click on the box and it will give you a drop down menu to all of our subpages.

We wanted our website visitors to have a great user experience. People tend to leave a website in a hurry if the site is too busy or complicated; we made sure to keep things simple and efficient to allow our website visitors to travel through the site easily.

We also updated our Content Management System to guarantee that our website has fully updated features. Website Security is very important to us and staying on top of new updates and features is necessary to protect our site visitors and us here at ACBB.

In 2016 we received approval from the Board of Directors to open a LinkedIn Account. After creating a social media policy, we moved forward and joined LinkedIn. The goal is to be able to reach our customers on another platform through our company profile and employee profiles. We are able to quickly push out our press releases, newsletters, job postings, and events.

New to 2017, we will be switching from paper newsletters to electronic newsletters, which will allow us to get our information out to our community banks quicker and more efficiently. The newsletters will be stored on our website for easy access as well.

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