Looking to Raise Capital?

By Brandi Lambert
AVP, Loan Documentation Manager

ACBB provides the following services that can assist you in conjunction with secondary or “tack on” stock offerings.

ACBB provides escrow services for the safekeeping of subscriber funds. Since this is not a “one size fits all” product, we will work together to find a solution to match your bank’s needs. Every capital raise is different with varying amounts, timelines and investors.

Utilizing ACBB’s escrow program, each subscriber is treated as a sub-account, allowing us to track not only each subscriber’s investment but also any interest accrued on each subscription purchase. We will provide you with detailed reporting on a weekly basis (more often when necessary). Our subscriber database is accepted by most transfer agents to print and electronically record the stock certificate information.

Directors, senior officers and major shareholders can also take advantage of our bank stock loan program using the shares purchased (or shares currently held) as collateral. ACBB offers short term and long term financing with the loan-to-value margin typically being 50%. Pledged shares will be held in safekeeping with ACBB until the loan is paid in full. This program is also applicable for the exercise of options or warrants.

Let ACBB help you with your escrow needs. Please contact Brandi Lambert ((717) 441-4686) for additional information regarding our escrow services and William Sayre  ((717) 441-4714) for more information regarding our stock loan program.