BITS - Message from the CEO - Q1

2019 is gearing up to be another bellwether year for BITS. Because of some of our expanded partnerships, we expect our growth rate to gain tremendous steam in the next couple years. BITS will spend a good portion of 2019 preparing for this growth, by optimizing our processes, improving automation, and completing the integration of our systems.

Upgraded Voice Solution – In mid-January, we upgraded our voice platform and associated systems. The upgrade will enable the platform for future growth and increased application integration. As part of our new product strategy, the upgrade now allows us to complete our plans for offering more mobile employee solutions, including softphones, VPN-enabled desk phones, and increased integration with WebEx Meetings, Teams, and Rooms Systems.

Security Solutions Update – In keeping with customer feedback for assistance with the changing security landscape, we have begun offering a CISO Security Assessment as part of our CISO Advisory service. With requirements changing and the need to separate security risk management from IT Operations, smaller clients struggle with having the money and staff to create these separate positions. Our CISO Advisory offering allows clients to focus on IT Operations, where BITS can assist with the IT security elements.

Through our partnership with SecureWorks, we are offering additional integrated solutions ranging from Carbon Black Defense, a more sophisticated endpoint detection and response service to Incident Response retainers.

In 2019, BITS will be enhancing its security architecture, by deploying Next Generation Firewall and Threat Prevention solutions to provided increased customer protection and more customized reporting options.

You can join us for our FREE monthly Webinar Series, SecurityConnected. Check out our LinkedIn page for regular updates.

New Territories – In the last few months, we have added clients in Kentucky and Rhode Island, further expanding the number of states we operate in. We have clients in our pipeline in New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Georgia and Alabama. As we expand our footprint, we remain committed to maintaining the outstanding customer service, quality, and technical excellence you have grown to expect from BITS.

Advisory Council – In March, we will host our first Customer Advisory Council in Orlando, FL. Many of our client’s senior IT staff have given feedback on what they would like to see us do better, as well as discussing their business needs, to give us insight into what products and services would best help them. We our confident that this close collaboration with your colleagues will help us continue to improve our services to best serve you.

As always, do not hesitate to let me know directly what we can do for you.