CEO Corner

I would first like to thank all of our shareholder banks (or customers) for their support and business over the past year. It is because of you that your bankers’ bank was able to grow in both size and profitability, as well as service offerings. Our team continues to work hard in providing more value for helping you compete more effectively. A recap of events and some of our benefits follow:

  • ACBB consummated our merger with BBN. This merger provided our company with additional talent and correspondent services while enhancing our aggregation model. In addition, it expanded our footprint in New England, where institutions have a great history in serving their communities.
  • We now have over 100 professionals in three offices (Camp Hill, PA, Glastonbury, CT, and Newark, NJ) serving the needs of over 400 financial institutions.
  • BITS and Compliance Anchor continue to grow nationally, each with over 100 financial institution clients.
  • Through a larger loan limit and geographic expansion, loan growth exceeded 7%, which included loan participations and direct bank financing such as Holding Company Lines of Credit.
  • In 2018, ACBB directed $15,000 of charitable contributions to community groups through our shareholders.
  • Cumulatively, our Board of Directors has over 450+ years of experience in various aspects of the banking industry.
  • Our earnings credit rate was increased to the Federal Funds rate in order to maximize the value of your deposits with us.
  • Our Board of Directors increased our annual dividend $2.00 per share to $26.00 and provided a one-time matching dividend to thank all our shareholders for their commitment to ACBB.

The Management and Board of Directors of ACBB look forward to serving you in 2019 and building on our long-standing partnership.

Please see our 12/31/18 Financial Highlights.

They include:

  • Record net income of $6.0MM
  • Strong capital ratios: Tier 1 Leverage – 13.90%

Total Risk Based – 24.43%

  • Texas Ratio – 1.90%
  • 12/31/18 Bank Insight Rating – 72 / A