ACBB 2017 Financial Results

ACBB reported net income (unaudited) of $2,732,495, yielding an ROAA of 0.43%.  This included a deferred tax adjustment of $1,594,173 which was primarily due to our robust loan loss reserve coverage.  On a consolidated holding company basis, earnings were $2,549,941, primarily due to merger related legal expenses.  It should be noted without the DTA we would have experienced near record levels of earnings.  Please also note, remaining estimated merger related expenses (i.e. severance, vendor contracts) of approximately $500K will be realized within the first half of 2018.  

Total equity at 12/31/17 of 79,050 MM yielded the following capital ratios:

  •             Tier 1 Leverage:          12.51% 
  •             Tier 1 Risk Based:       21.68%
  •             Total Risk Based:         22.81%   

Other key ratios / metrics were as follows:  

  •             Texas Ratio (12/31/17):         3.81%  
  •             Insight Rating (9/30/17):        66  B+

BBN 2017 Financial Results   

BBN reported net income (unaudited) of $977,495, yielding an ROAA of .55%.  

Total equity at 12/31/17 of $16.6MM yielded the following capital ratios:  

  •             Tier 1 Leverage:            8.9341%  
  •             Tier 1 Risk Based:       30.3412%  
  •             Total Risk Based:         31.4045%    

 Other key ratios/ metric are as follows:   

            Texas Ratio (12/31/17):  0% No NPL or REO

ACBB Dividend Declared

ACBB’s Board of Directors declared a dividend of $24 per share on 2/22/18, a 9% increase over the prior year.  This dividend will be paid out 3/14/18.   

Please visit our website for the appropriate financial information required for Regulation F purposes.