Compliance Anchor: 3 Years and Counting!

By Nancy Lake, CAMS-Audit, CAMS-FCI
Director of Compliance Anchor

In 2012, our banks asked for a cost effective Compliance solution that would help them manage the regulatory pressure that was crippling many banks. When ACBB announced in 2013 that we had started a consulting and training division called Compliance Anchor, many waited to see exactly what our services would entail.

In 2013 we hosted seven free webinars for banks to see the quality of material we presented. Then in 2014 we began charging just $99 a month for a shareholder bank to participate in our monthly services.

During the last three years, over 65 banks have discovered the most unique training service in the industry. No other service does all the reading of multiple news feeds, summarizes that information into a bullet point format, gives links to the original article and provides that information to community banks via a monthly online session called a “Veterans’ Venue”. We host one Compliance and one BSA Veterans’ Venue each month.

Some have asked, Why the name “Veterans’ Venue”? It enables veterans of the Compliance and BSA industry to collaborate together to help one another with ideas, tools, policies, and share what each of them do in their own financial institution. It helps each member grow stronger and gives them a network of industry experts. These experts provide an online networking resource of answers and source material to benefit each other. Monthly subscribers also can request topics to be addressed during these sessions and find practical, in depth help many training events do not provide.

So for those of you who haven’t joined Compliance Anchor monthly services, here is what you are missing each year:

  • 12 BSA Veterans’ Venues
  • 12 Compliance Veterans’ Venues
  • More than 12 topic specific webinars
  • Unlimited access to the archive of slides and recordings
  • CRCM/CAMS credits on some webinars
  • Online networking community
  • Ability to ask questions, share resources, and request polls

In addition to our monthly services, we also have the following services available:

  •  Director Training
  •  Bank specific in bank or remote training
  •  “BSA/Compliance Officer For A Day” (in bank specific help)

Watch our website to ensure you don’t miss any of our upcoming webinars: external link icon (By clicking on this link you are agreeing to leave the website and continue to a third party website.) We encourage non members to view a sample BSA and Compliance Veterans’ Venue to see the difference! Current members receive two free months of their monthly subscription price for each bank that joins monthly services per their recommendation.

Call Nancy Lake for details: 717-441-4507!

Upcoming Events

Feb 23 - Does Your Compliance Management System Meet Regulatory Standards?
Mar 14 - ACH 2016-2017: A Year to Review and a Look Forward to the Future
Mar 28 - Mobile Banking & Payments: Mandates and Services

Veterans’ Venues:
BSA             Compliance
Mar 7               Mar 16
Apr 4                Apr 20
May 2              May 17