ACBB Energizes Digital Customer Engagement Banking Capabilities for Financial Institutions with POPi/o Partnership

March 7, 2022
ACBB Energizes Digital Customer Engagement Banking Capabilities for Financial Institutions with POPi/o Partnership

Far too often, local and regional financial institutions are displaced from technology-centric opportunities and services due to resource constraints.  Quotes like the following are commonly accepted as truths: “Consumers are running to big banks for technology” and “Community banks are challenged with the high cost of maintaining branches and reaching customers”

ACBB and POPi/o are excited to collaborate in offering a comprehensive solution to bring your bank to the home, office and pocket of your target customers, changing the game and leveling the playing field.

While the “big bank of everywhere” is putting technology between their greatest asset and their valued customer, community banks can put the technology in the hands of their people to better connect with customers, extend their reach and enhance their value.

The Digital Customer Engagement platform of POPi/o and the comprehensive market-share position of ACBB’s network of community FIs creates powerful synergies to enhance our clients’ relevance and reach.

POPi/o provides banks and credit unions with the most comprehensive and collaborative digital engagement tools across any banking channel—including mobile, web and in-branch. Leveraging a tailored set of dynamic features and widely compatible integrations, the platform facilitates more efficient self-service transactions, as well as more collaborative, in-depth interactions like loan applications and account openings, enabling the broadest service capabilities of any digital banking platform.

“This capability not only levels the playing field but changes the rules of the game.  We enable mission-driven community financial institutions to leverage their strengths, not play catch up to the big banks.”  Joe Krzywicki, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for ACBB.

About ACBB (

Founded in 1983, ACBB delivers correspondent, payments and lending services exclusively to financial institutions.  We aggregate, innovate and integrate services with over 400 shareholder and client financial institutions. Our solutions drive efficiency, profitability and relevance among businesses and consumers.  ACBB was formed, owned and governed by community-focused financial institutions.

About POPi/o

POPi/o® is the leader in Digital Customer Engagement technology for the banking world. By providing an efficient digital pathway for everything from simple self-service interactions to detailed, collaborative banking services like loan applications and new account openings with human interaction. POPi/o’s unique solution helps banks and credit unions offer an unparalleled digital experience to consumers. Their patented technology allows consumers to choose their preferred service channel that best meets their needs. By offering a digital pathway, consumers can solve immediate banking needs that improves the experience regardless of where the journey starts.

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