CEO Corner

April 12, 2021

I’m honored to be selected by ACBI’s Board of Directors to lead the Bank into the future and excited to be working with such a talented team of dedicated professionals. Thank you to Jon Evans for his over 20 years of service as your President and CEO. Jon did a great job of growing the Bank, developing BITS as a valuable service for our clients and positioning the Bank for success in the future.

In 2019, the Bank earned approximately $2.2 million. This is significantly lower than the $6.0 million in net income earned the prior year. As Jon Evans mentioned in the November newsletter, ACBB made substantial investments in risk management and compliance last year. The Bank added key staff, designed new processes and implemented new systems to manage the risks associated with its core businesses. The bulk of these investments are behind us. Risk systems and processes are constantly changing with the ever-increasing risk of the products and services we deliver. We commit to stay ahead of the curve and use our investments as a competitive advantage for you.

In 2020, ACBB is focused on its mission of “creating trusting partnerships that strengthen communities.” Our partnerships begin with you, our clients. While our business with you centers on transactions, whether there is a new home purchase, the sale of goods and services or the processing of an employer’s payroll on the other end. These transactions are the lifeblood of communities that give them strength and the reason for our existence. This year we will introduce new Treasury Management service offerings that will enable your organization to generate revenue from your accounts payable and offer cutting-edge solutions to your business and municipal government customers. In our role as a bankers’ bank, we continue to look for ways to empower our partners to be the first choice for service among their consumer and commercial customers. We do this by implementing and delivering innovative solutions that allow you to compete with the biggest and most sophisticated competitors in your market. Our Treasury Management services solution will do just that for you.

A solution you should consider is our Global Payments Platform. If you currently use ACBB for foreign currency International wires and converted to the new platform, you’re aware of the new interface that ensures compliance with all the required input fields and the market competitive live exchange rates. If your team hasn’t converted to the new platform yet, encourage them to do so to benefit from these essential features. If you currently don’t use ACBB for International wires, I urge to look at the ACBB Global Payments Platform so you can offer a leading-edge International wire service to your customers. The key facets of our offering include flexible interface options ranging from end-user guided entry to API integration with core providers and middleware systems, as well as attractive foreign exchange rates.

As the new CEO, I am committed to establishing personal relationships with our clients and other constituents. If you see me at a trade association conference, industry meeting or educational seminar, please introduce yourself. I look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. I hope everyone enjoys a successful and prosperous 2020!

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