ACBB Product Spotlight

April 12, 2021

To meet customer demand, financial institutions must access and process cash quickly, securely and economically. Striking the correct balance of availability while minimizing the cost of transportation, processing and idle cash is paramount.  ACBB has partnered with one of the premier teller cash recycler companies in North America, ARCA, to offer clients a comprehensive and tailored solution to meet cash handling needs. Our shared goal is to offer institutions the ability to enhance customer experience, teller efficiency and the financial cost of transactions by leveraging automation.  We put technology behind your teller to enhance the customer experience.

Summary Case Study

Typically, banks install teller cash recyclers (TCRs) for one situation, generally a traditional teller line or a shared vault. The ARCA difference:  solutions to enhance customer service and profit for EVERY cash environment!

Teller line, Drive-thru, Universal Banker, Vault, Teller pods, Customer service offices

It’s not the usual one-size-fits-all approach to cash automation. No two branches are exactly alike, and ARCA doesn’t assume one recycler model is the best fit for every branch environment. Whether you want to create a more private banking experience for your customers or automate without any remodeling costs, ARCA’s comprehensive recycler product line, that includes the only family of single user TCRs on the market, allows your branch network to remain flexible and focused on your customer experience.

Contact your ACBB Relationship Manager today for more information and to discuss our exclusive offer for ACBB clients.

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