Credit & Lending

Support liquidity, manage risk, and drive growth with solutions tailored to the unique needs of community banks and credit unions.

Enhance the Management of Your Loan Portfolio.

As a full-service bankers bank, ACBB offers a wide range of credit and lending solutions to support your institution’s day-to-day liquidity needs and long-term growth plans. Whether you need to provide larger loan amounts without involving a competitor, or you are ready to enter a new market by purchasing or building a branch, our knowledgeable team can help you find a credit solution that fits your specific needs.

The credit and lending options below could be valuable resources for your financial institution. In addition, ACBB offers an expanded selection of loan products for shareholders.

Credit & Lending Solutions


Support your growth plans with strategic funding that may provide more affordability and flexibility for your institution.

Direct Loan - Stock

Help your institution raise additional capital by enabling senior leaders and major shareholders to purchase stock.


Get a convenient short-term credit facility to cover deficit balances due to cash letter settlement, wires, or unexpected changes to liquidity.


Partner with ACBB to meet the financing needs of larger business clients while effectively managing your ratios, liquidity, and risk.

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